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Easter, 2009
Dear Katia,
Just a quick email to say a big 'thank you' to both Becky and Cheryl who nannied for our eight children aged 2-8 years over the Easter holidays at Chalet La Ferme. They did a superb job and made our holiday a truly great experience.
Nothing was too much trouble. The girls worked through the three families' requirements with great flexibility, initiative and enthusiasm. We can definitely recommend them and would like to rebook them for next year! Many thanks, Karin, Suzanne and Martha


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February, 2009
Hello Katia,
Thank you - we had a great holiday in Meribel and our nanny Nikki was fabulous. She was a lovely girl with lots of experience with small children and she made sure that Harris was taken out for some fresh air every day, even though our chalet was a fair walk (uphill!) from Meribel centre. I would imagine that older children would love her as she is funny and warm and full of energy.
Thank you again for arranging this service for us.

Judith Henderson

I just wanted to write to you to say how utterly brilliant Rennae has been out in meribel for us. She is everything I could have ever asked for. Punctual, happy, smiling, sensible, fun.. Most of all Eliza adored her. She played endless games of sharks with her, took her swimming, sledging, out and about. Each morning eliza couldn't wait until she arrived. that is the best feedback anyone can ever give! for me, this was the difference between a great holiday and me feeling worried/guilty etc if Eliza is unhappy. I really cannot recommend her more. she is a star. I would be more than happy to give her any references should she need any.

thanks for looking after us again


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January, 2009
I just wanted to say a huge thank you for taking such great care of Isabella (14 months) last week in Meribel.
I was quite nervous as it was the first time I'd left her with anyone that she didn't know but you were fantastic. You spent all the time you had with her making things fun and were very professional (waiting to have a cup of tea until she was asleep - which wasn't necessary but great to know that you were so focused on her - always on time etc). We were particularly grateful for the extra hours you were able to give us skiing and the babysitting (which we we hadn't booked in advance). Nothing was too much trouble and I know from how excited Isabella was to see you each morning that she had fun too!

I wouldn't hesitate in recommending you to anyone else. I'd also be happy to speak to anyone should they need further reassurance about you by phone.

Kind regards, Alex

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New Year, 2008/9
Hi Katia
We are back home six days and busy with kids back to school etc.We had a great trip to Meribell and certainly without Sophie's significant efforts we wouldn't have been able to go at all. The requirements of a six and five year old in Ski school are very different to those of an infant (who was sick for the initial 3days).Also while we were staying in Motteret the ski school that we used was based in Meribell . Hence a bus ride to and from every day.So there was a few challenges there for both Sophie and parents alike. We found her to be very professional ,very clued into safety and the kids needs, very accommodating particularly as we didn't know how the daily routine was going to work, and most of all proactive energetic and interested in the work .For example Sophie was able to get the buggy up 3 steps of a gramed bus with the other two in tow.She also had the buggy on the egg lifts.She often had the older ones sledging while giving the infant his soother.As regards the overall cost it does add up to being a significant figure however its hard work with a lot of responsibility and next to no time allowed to get up to speed with the kids and the family scenario.We would consider the service good value for money and would have no hesitation as acting as a reference

Many thanks for you're efforts

Kind Regards

Hugh and Ciara Butler

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Xmas, 2008
Dear Katia,
Once again, Philipp and I thank you for finding Nathalie for us. As you know, she took care of our 11 month year old girl all day for 10 days while we went skiing with my family. We were staying at the Allodis Hotel in Meribel. We did come back for lunch which allowed me to see Stephanie and which gave Nathalie a little over an hour off. This schedule worked very well for all of us.

From the start, Nathalie was enthusiastic and happy with her job. Stephanie responded right away to Nathalie. Stephanie doesn't always respond so easily to new people so this was quite exceptional. Nathalie managed this by not overwhelming the baby but by being patient, gentle and kind. Throughout the week, Nathalie was very responsible with her different duties that involved taking care of the baby.

Stephanie was sick with a little cold so Nathalie had to take her temperature and monitor her very carefully. She did this very thoroughly and told me exactly how she had been, down to how many times she coughed, whether her nose was more or less runny etc... Nathalie's reports of the day were always complete and detailed. This was extremely important to me and enabled me to trust her completely. I always knew if she had cried or laughed for how long and why. When Stephanie was not sick, Nathalie took Stephanie out in the snow.

They used the baby sled, played in the snow.....I knew that Nathalie was always cautious with Stephanie, always aware of whether she was too cold, too hot, whether she was getting too tired etc...but because Nathalie is energetic and fun, I knew that Stephanie was having a good time and I knew that for a fact because, Stephanie was very happy when we returned from skiing. She never cried desperate to come into my arms. She had obviously had a very good time!

Nathalie genuinely cared about Stephanie so much that Stephanie got enough confidence to take her first steps with her. Quite an achievement! Nathalie was very flexible throughout the week. If she had to come earlier or stay later, she was more than willing to accomodate us. After leaving us in the evening (generally around 5 o'clock) , on two or three occasions, she bought diapers and food for the baby, saving us from going all the way down to the village. Always friendly with the rest of my family (not only my older kids but my parents, my brother and his family) Nathalie is a lovely, gentle and cheerful person to be around. She has a natural touch with babies and young children.

We wish her all the best and hope to work with her again.

Thank you again Katia.

All the best,

Luly Wahl

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April 17, 2008
Hi Katia,
I think she was very good. She had her hands full with two infants under 1 but she managed very well and they were both happy. We had an excellent weeks holiday, thanks


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January 14, 2008
Happy New Year.
Just a quick note to say that Sophie was a really fantastic nanny. The children settled very quickly with her and she was first class in every way. Many thanks for linking us up with her.

Best regards,

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April 15, 2008
Hello Katia,

We were very pleased with the help Jo gave us during our ski trip. She was very flexible - agreeing to meet us wherever we had arrived for lunch that day, and staying a bit later when we missed our bus. The girls loved her too!

Please thank her for me.
Kind regards

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February 18, 2008
Nikki nannied for us during our ski holiday in Meribel this year. Between us we had a 4 yr old, a 2 yr old an 18 month old and a 6 month old baby. She and another nanny did an excellent job. They were punctual and accomadated our requests for extended days etc. Nikki was great with the kids of all ages and was a great hit with Charlie our oldest. Both nannies did a variety of arts and crafts projects with the kids. Nikki was also more than happy to take the kids out and meet us on the hill when asked. All in all no complaints.


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