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Mothers day and Easter treats

Don't be fooled by the sunshine!

march 29 3 2014 1march 29 3 2014 2In the Uk it has felt that Spring is well and truly here and when the weather is warm we start to cast our minds forwards to planning a summer break, beaches and cocktails by a pool seems just around the corner.

However, with the latest snow dump in the Alps, put away the idea of rediscovering your summer wardrobe and make the most of the final few weeks of the skiing season.

Not only could there be some deals to be made booking your perfect accommodation, here at Meri-Nannies we can find the perfect solution to all your child care needs. Don't delay book today.

march 29 3 2014 3

Those of you that have already planned your escape to the snow, remember that on 30th March is the day to treat our mothers. At Meri-Nannies structured play and craft activities are fundamental to your child having a wonderful and fun-filled holiday and with our highly qualified and creative nannies a relaxing and thoughtful mother's day is guaranteed. Easter bunnies, treasure hunts and other Easter crafts are waiting for your little ones.

Don't forget summer is round the corner and look out for our new destinations at

Looking forward to hearing from you.
march 29 3 2014 3Warm regards

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Sunny days, deep powder and March deals!

feb14 2 1We are now half way through the season, conditions have been fantastic and our families  have been  enjoying the slopes, while the little ones are making happy memories.
I can’t be more proud for our nannies when we have feedback like the below  and would love to share it with you….

"Thanks once more for providing such great nannies; it is great to have such a reliable address for quality nannies; it enables us to enjoy skiing ourselves, because we know that our children are having a good time as well. Best regards and I’ll be in touch next year!" Courchevel client.

"Merinannies  is an amazing nanny service. Not only do they provide excellent nannies in the high end ski resorts but many popular summer destinations too. I think they are a service all mothers should know about!" Journalist and author mum.
"She was a lovely nanny: very responsible and caring for our little baby and also great with the older children. She has a good feel for when they need activity and when they need some down time. A true professional and a pleasant person to have around; I was impressed how she handled the three of them together! At some point Daniel didn’t even want to go skiing because he wanted to stay with her.."

feb14 2 2What we say...

If I was a parent planning a holiday I would not look any further…Merinannies childcare services are like Golden Dust!

March is a lovely month, warm and with good long days to enjoy skiing and outdoor après…

We have some spaces to fill and we are providing a range of activities for pre-Easter fun, so you don’t need to bring games with you.
This comes with a 10% discount  plus new package offers.

AND … don’t forget, if you have not made it skiing this season and not planning a trip either, our sister company are already taking bookings for the summer too!
feb14 2 1Warm regards

Kind regards
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The magic of February

feb14 1 1I can't believe it's February already and we're all over the love and hearts theme for Valentine's Day.  With half term approaching, we haven’t got skiing on our minds. This week our nannies have focused on shopping for more exciting stuff to entertain the children and express our love for craftwork, while parents enjoy the best snow conditions in the season!

Sequins, glue, card, paints, glitter and colourful paper for garlands, as well as baking ingredients for heart biscuits and lollies! Our outdoor games guarantee endless fun too for these sunny parts of the day.


feb14 1 1The BMW Megève Winter Golf Cup 2014 is coming to Megeve, a great social opportunity to be surrounded by the beauty of Mont-d Arbois with the stunning view and superb restaurants, this will be an ideal day out for the family... at Golf du Mont-d'Arbois, Friday 14 February 2014.

 Perfect snow conditions for the European Moguls Cup in Megève at the Cote 2000, this is what happened yesterday...Women winners are:

feb14 1 11st : Aurora Amundsen (Nor).
2nd : Katharina Foerster (GER).
3rd : Camille Cabrol (FRA - Team Megève).

For the men:

1st: Marco Tade (SUI).
2nd: Andrey Uglovski (RUS).
3rd: Marvin Schwarz (GER).

The Ski Show in St Anton runs every Wednesday night from 8pm and Thursday night is an après-ski night not be missed.

Most of our weeks in March and April are now booked but we still have the occasional little gap in some of our smaller resorts.
Don't wait, this is the time to book for your Easter holiday with the family and your children will have the most memorable bunny surprise of all.

feb14 1 1Happy Valentines from all our wonderful nannies and myself.

Warm regards

Kind regards
0044 7860925055

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Happy New Year

dec 30 1We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, where ever you celebrated it. We had a white Christmas enjoying the slopes, as did our nannies that were lucky enough to have the day off. For those that were working they have said how magical it was to work with the children on that special day. The magic of Christmas just isn't the same unless the sparkle of children and laughter are involved!

The summer may be far off your mind, but when you have time please take into consideration Kids in Greece. Our equally exceptional service that we offer in many of the Greek Islands with a lovely team of Nannies to make your holiday stress-less and trouble free. All of the team are qualified, experienced and filled with bags full of energy and enthusiasm to have fun with your children.
We all like an offer...

dec 30 2We are expecting lots more snow to fall over the next week, so let's hope for a great start to the New Year. To make sure our nannies have a great season and don't get TOO much time to ski ;-) we have availability for the following;
Samoëns- w/c 6th, 13th, 20th and 27th January.
Megeve- w/c 13th and 20th January and 1st March
St Anton- w/c 8th February and 1st March
Ischgl- w/c 15th and 22nd February
Meribel-w/c 18th and 25th January and 1st March
Courchevel-w/c 25th January and 1st and 8th March
Chamonix-w/c 8th and 15th January and 1st March
La Clusaz 11th and 18th January and 8th February
Fashion in the chalet
dec 30 2Here's a useful tip from one of our Nannies. "I love to take the children out to explore in the snow, making snow angels, snowmen or going on an adventure. When we get back to the chalet, nothing beats getting all cosy in a nice, warm, highly fashionable onesie! The kids love it when we dress up together and then complete our day with fun and games wearing our onesies. It is a nice thing to do with them at the end of the week when they are worn out and need some time to relax. So if you have a onesie for your child, please pack it, the funkier the better!! "
Thank you all for your support and we wish you all the best for a happy and healthy 2014.
Happy New Year!
Kind regards
0044 7860925055

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Snowmen aren't forever but their memories are

Some activity ideas from our Nannies

dec16 2 1As you are ticking off the days in the run up to your well-earned break, our nannies are busy gathering ideas and sharing activities with each other, to make your child's holiday as memorable as yours. Here are some of the wonderful ideas that are being shared.

There are of course the old classic party games, pass the parcel and musical statues, the Snowman Scramble, ideal for a large group of children. Split the group into equal and fair teams, mixing up the ages. Take a coat, hat, scarf, gloves and even a home-made snowman nose.
Each team has to dress their snowman with no help from the designated snowman. The quickest team wins!


dec16 2 2A little something extra

We can offer a photographic package to your booking, this will contain pictures taken of your children while in the care of your Nanny. Showing you all the interesting and exciting experiences they have had while on their holiday. It is  a nice memory for you and also lovely for the children to look back on or as a reminder for your next ski trip. For prices please ask us.

dec16 2 3Our festive offers...

Fancy a last minute get away for Christmas?

We have added new nannies in Samoens and St Anton /Lech so we can offer you some great deals.

Samoens, Megeve , St Anton/Lech, weeks 15 December and 4 January, 10% discount for a week’s booking based on 5 or more days half or full time.
dec16 2 3 Meribel/Courchevel/La Tania, weeks 4 and 18 January 10% for every day booked
St Anton /Lech, week 4 and 18 January 10% discount for every day booked.

We wish you and your family a very Happy Christmas!

Katia Koumantou

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
0044 7860 925 055

dec16 2 5

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