20 Years Alpine Nanny Services/ Celebrating 20 Years of Cherished Memories with Merinannies

Today, we are throwing the virtual confetti and popping the champagne because we are celebrating a big, fat 20-year birthday bash! And guess what? You are on the guest list, front and centre! So, grab a cosy spot, your comfiest slippers, and maybe even a cheeky snack – it’s storytime, and it’s going to be an unforgettable ride! 🏔️

Your Trusted Nanny Services

Hey there, wonderful parents! We are so excited to have you with us as we celebrate a fantastic 20 years of Merinannies, your go-to childcare agency in the French and Austrian Alps. Today, we are sharing our amazing journey and what makes us your best buddies for childcare.

A Warm Alpine Hug from Merinannies!

Can you believe it has been two whole decades since we started our mission to be your trusted childcare agency in this incredible alpine playground? Since 2003, our mission has been to make sure your family’s holiday is all about safety, happiness, and unforgettable moments amidst alpine luxury. We are here to be your assurance that we have got your family’s back.

20 Years of Treasured Moments

As we celebrate our 20th anniversary, let us take a little trip down memory lane and relive the top five moments that made Merinannies what it is today:

1. 2004: Family Chats

Back in 2004, we took the leap and visited our clients’ chalets, having heart-to-heart chats with families to learn all about their experiences with our services. Their input has been our guiding light to make our services even better.

2. 2008: Hello, St Anton!

In 2008, we spread our wings and brought our premium childcare services to the fabulous St Anton, Austria. It was a huge step in making our mark in the alpine resort world.

3. 2010: Kidsingreece Joins the Family

In 2010, we happily welcomed Kidsingreece Company into our family. This move was all about making sure our families heading to Greece have the same top-notch childcare services they get in other European destinations.

4. 2012: The “Best Childcare Company” Title

Our dedication to excellence got recognised in 2012 when we were crowned “Best Childcare Company.” It was just the beginning of our journey to becoming a trusted and reputable childcare agency, as Family Traveller recommended us in 2017, and we happily joined hands with My Baba.

5. 2015: The Travel Nanny is Born

In 2014, we realised families needed a friendly, professional hand while travelling. So, we introduced our exclusive travel nanny service to make sure your journeys are stress-free and enjoyable.

5 Unforgettable Alpine Activities

But that is not all. We have also been privileged to create countless cherished memories through activities that bond families closer together. From thrilling adventures on the slopes to cosy evenings by the fireplace, our alpine wonderland offers something for every member of your family.

Top 5 Treasured Merinannies Photos

From snowman-building adventures to exciting treasure hunts, we ensure your little ones have a magical time, making lasting memories in the snow-covered wonderland.

Top 5 Feedbacks from Our Wonderful Families

We’ve been over the moon with the top five shout-outs from our families. You are the heart and soul of our journey, and your stories keep us going.

  1. “The service from Merinannies is always great. We have used the service 4-5 times, and we’ve always had a competent, attentive, efficient and caring nanny. Even when we have run into issues (covid, missed flights, shifting of reserved days), the agency always works with us to find a solution. We would recommend Merinannies, and we intend to book with them again next winter, and potentially other locations (and times of year) where they provide services.”
  • Courchevel
  1. “Both nannies from Merinannies were fantastic. They contacted us ahead of time, and were good about letting us know what they were up to with the kids. I was very happy to leave our children in their capable hands! Always on time, and very good at communicating. The booking process was really simple, and we always got a quick response. I would absolutely recommend Merinannies to friends. Professional and caring, and our boys really enjoyed their time with the nannies.”
  • St Anton
  1. “The family were worried initially as she wasn’t a Le Ski nanny, however she was extremely good with the children, and by the end of the week, they had a really lovely bond. When they were leaving, they gave amazing verbal feedback to our guest services manager about how she had made their holiday.  She was always on time, helpful and did lots of nice activities with the children. It was nice that she brought some toys with her, which the children loved. All communication has been easy and clear.”
  • La Tania
  1. “Christina was an excellent nanny.  The kids were immediately comfortable with her, and she was able to manage the kids and provide each kid with the attention/help that each one required.  Whether out to lunch, playing outside, or just hanging out in the room, Christina made sure the kids were well taken care of.  My wife and I were able to enjoy evenings out to dinner without worrying whether the kids would get tired at the restaurant, and knowing that they were in good hands.” 
  • Meribel
  1. “Clare was superb with all the children and we felt extremely happy to leave her at home or let her take our baby off wherever she thought was best in town. She was a natural teacher, very kind and clearly loves children. She was even keen to bring the baby along and increase his own self-feeding. It was obvious she had been very verbal with our 18-month-old as he was very stimulated and eager to talk to us more after her care, which proved her abilities. I was thrilled to find Clare brought her own bag of toys. She was accommodating and flexible. Merinannies were very good at an immediate response to my request and clear in communication, and we will definitely use them again”.
  • Chamonix

At Merinannies, We’re More than Just Childcare

We are not just another childcare agency. We’re your partners in making sure your holiday in Meribel, Courchevel, Val Thorens, Chamonix, Megeve, La Clusaz, St Anton, and Lech is a blast. We’re here to take care of your little ones so that you can have a carefree alpine adventure.

If you’ve got questions or need to book, just reach out through our online booking form. You can also chat with Katia Koumantou at info@merinannies.com  or call +44(0) 7860 925055 / +44(0) 7516173882. We are here for you and ready to make your family ski holiday unforgettable.

Thanks for being a part of our 20-year celebration – here is to many more amazing memories to come! 🏔️❄️