5 Concerns of Ski-Travelling Families Regarding Private Nanny Services in the Alps

Let’s be real, when you’re travelling with your little munchkins, childcare concerns can feel like they’re doing snow angels in your plans.

Ski vacations in the Alps are a dream for many families, offering the perfect blend of adventure and relaxation. However, when you have little ones in tow, concerns about childcare can loom large. At Merinannies, we understand these worries and are here to address the five common fears that ski-travelling families often face when it comes to private nanny services in the Alps.

​​Demystifying Childcare for Skiing Families

1.   Trip Planning and Budgeting

Travelling with kids often means budget constraints. To tackle this, consider prioritizing your expenses. While kids might not distinguish between a 5-star hotel and a cosy guest house, they do appreciate the fun experiences a well-planned trip provides. Take advantage of free or discounted options for young children, such as free flights for under 2s and complimentary hotel stays.

2.   Packing Woes

Babies and toddlers may not hit the slopes, but ensuring they are well-prepared for mountain conditions is crucial. Apart from warm clothing and sun protection, consider bringing familiar toys for comfort. If not travelling by car, opt for train or plane travel and arrange private transport from the airport for added convenience. Downsizing to carry-on packs with essentials is an option, but keeping a few favourite “school” books and entertainment items can make the journey smoother.

3.   Trusting a Childcare Agency

Leaving your little ones in the hands of a childcare agency in an unfamiliar place can be nerve-wracking. We get it. Opt for agencies with a solid reputation, offering professional private nannies across family friendly ski resorts. Make sure the nannies are not just caregivers but also seasoned in handling winter activities for kids, keeping safety protocols. It’s all about a chat – discuss activities, qualifications, and routines with the agency for some added peace of mind.

4.   Accommodation and Food

Now, let’s talk about finding the right food and digs in the Alps. Begin by researching family-friendly ski areas or opt for hotels and apartments that not only offer comfortable lodging but also provide baby and child facilities and equipment. Selecting central locations not only guarantees convenient access to the slopes but also opens up opportunities for supervised activities for children, allowing parents to relish their time on the mountains.

Oh, and chat up with the chalet or hotel staff about your childcare needs – communication is key.  Explore the local culinary scene by venturing into nearby restaurants, each offering a unique taste of the region, inquire about family-friendly dining establishments, and don’t hesitate to seek recommendations for eateries with kid-friendly menus. Additionally, take advantage of nearby facilities, such as parks or recreational areas, where your little ones can play and unwind after a day on the slopes. Your nanny can help you with these ideas.

5.   Activities and Entertainment While You Are There

Planning a family ski trip involves not only keeping the kids entertained but also deciding on the right ski school for their learning experience. This is why selecting a childcare agency that goes beyond mere supervision is more than essential. Look for agencies that not only offer professional ski nannies but also plan a spectrum of activities. From thrilling outdoor adventures like walks and snowball fights to exciting snowmobile rides, these experiences ensure your children have a blast in the snowy wonderland. For indoor time, engaging activities such as crafts, fun games, baking, and storytime provide a perfect balance.

Now, about ski schools – we know it can be overwhelming. Worried about making the right choice? Our trusted partners can guide you to reliable ski instructors. Just give us a shout or check out our recommended ski instructors. With professionals by your side, your kiddos will not just have fun but also master the art of skiing.

Tour Operators & Chalet Companies

Before you go, at the heart of our commitment to delivering unforgettable experiences, we have established partnerships with a curated list of renowned tour operators and chalet providers. These trusted collaborators share our dedication to providing top-notch services for families seeking the perfect winter holiday. You can discuss this with us for specialized advice.

Nanny Services in The Alps Logistics

At Merinannies, we’ve been providing professional private nanny services for skiing families since 2003. Before your arrival, we gather essential information about your child’s routines, dietary requirements, and ski school arrangements. We even facilitate a video call with your winter holiday nanny for a familiar introduction. You and your family are always our top priority. Our expert nannies are at your disposal for any questions you might have. Till the next one!

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