A holiday that they will never forget with St Anton Nannies

Our nannies in St Anton have spent hours coming up with plans to make sure that your child has the best holiday possible while with us. They have countless options on ways to have fun in and out the snow for children of all ages. With a wide range of arts and crafts ideas we decided to give you a brief insight into some of the many activities that we have planned when you come to St Anton.

Outdoor fun.
What is more fun than being out in the snow for the first time. Our nannies make sure that your child will get to experience the snow in the best way possible by being creative and safe. Of course we like snowman competitions, snow angles, snowball fights and treasure hunts, but we also like to think outside the box and explore new ideas. Some of our favourites are

  • Painting the snow – the child will have so much fun painting pretty pictures in the snow..
  • Making snow jewels, frozen balloons and ice ornaments.
  • Making snow volcanos and snow animals.


And so many more but we can’t ruin the surprises.

Indoor fun.
Our nannies love to get messy making edible slime or playdough which is safer and we all know how children like to taste things. We have a selection of glitters, paints, cards, paper plates and of course endless imagination to help create amazing art that you will get to bring home as a reminder of all the fun you have had with us in St Anton.
Our nannies also love sensory art with the younger babies which helps their development, so as well as having fun they are learning new things. Feeling new sensations, tasting and exploring their senses. One of our favourite for babies is making edible paints with yoghurt, food colouring and flavours. This is fun for all and safe if they eat it.



So contact us and find out how we can give your child a holiday they will never forget.

And some latest comments on some of our nannies in St Anton

“She was always bright and bubbly no matter when we saw her, and this washed off onto Florence; she was always happy and smiling around Katie when we arrived home. She was professional at all times. It was obvious she had a passion for kids and loved what she was doing.”

“Finn had an amazing time over the last 4 days and we all thought Mikaela did a great job. She came prepared with books and activities, and she kept him active with outings into the snow.”