Anna Christine
Brief info

Anna Christine, 27 years old with more than 15 years’ experience in childcare.
The oldest of six children, four girls and two boys, of which the youngest is eight years old.
I was born and raised bilingual in a small town in the Netherlands. Since I was a child, I visited the Alps with the family, and have enjoyed skiing and horse-riding from a very young age.
I have taken care of babies and children my whole life and always helped my mum with nappies and bottles babysitting my siblings when my parents were gone. When I was 12 years old, I started my first babysitter’s job outside of the house and since then I have nannied over a hundred families with an age range from 0 to 15 of multiple nationalities and in multiple countries over the globe. I have always loved being around children, for their purity of heart and innocent humour. I have a love for dance and arts and enjoy doing this with children as well as taking them out of the house for outdoor activities (nature walks, skiing, sleighing, or building a snowman in the winter). I studied yoga and meditation and always try to keep the peace in the house. I will make sure I play games, create crafts, read a book and dance if we are not outside. Whenever there is a small argument between the kids, I have learned how to mediate this in the most peaceful way possible. When I bring them to bed I make sure they feel safe and loved while enjoying a book and a lullaby. Whilst caring for the youngest ones I make sure I follow the parents’ sleeping and eating schedules as precisely as possible and change nappies regularly. My main goal is to make all babies and children feel as safe and loved as a mother would. I speak fluent Dutch and English and basic/intermediate French. I have a first aid certificate and a driving license. My hobbies are cooking and baking, skiing, horse-riding, writing, reading, walks in nature, painting, drawing, singing, dancing. I take my job very seriously and always make sure I am rested enough to have the energy I need, to properly take care of the children.
“Anna is a great nanny. She was a nanny for our 8 year old daughter when she was only a few weeks old until now. She is a very intelligent, loving and caring person but also very responsible and attentive. During this eight-year period we experienced that Anna easily takes care of the very young , as well as older ones. When we would go out we were very confident leaving the baby with Anna. She always took good care of her noticing all her needs. When we got back, our daughter was always calm and at ease.”