Brief info

Christina is 35 years old and a state-approved Social Pedagogue B.A. graduated from Ostfalia University of Applied Science. She has over 15 years of childcare experience in various settings such as private childcare and the field of residential projects for children and young adults. She is a native german speaker, speaks English fluently, and is constantly working on her french. Christina loves spending her time with people, practicing Yoga, playing foos, snowboarding, and surfing. Through the various experiences in her professional environment, she developed great empathy for the individuality of children and is, therefore, able to respond accordingly to their needs and interests. She is an open-minded, adaptable person who cares a great deal about the well-being of her fellow human beings. With her friendly, calm manner and the ability to listen she makes good contact with both children and parents.

“She is very prudent and attentive, keeps an overview even in challenging situations, and acts calmly and decisively”.

“Love sharing my time with children, creating a safe space for them to play and discover the world”.