Brief info

Christina has worked in the Alps for us last season and we received excellent comments from our families.
Children have always been a big part of my life and direct me in everything I do. Since I remember myself, I have always wanted to deliver all my knowledge to them at one point in my life. This dream has become an everyday reality. I am currently a student at the Faculty of Primary Education and a graduate of the “Embros” drama school in Athens. My vision is to keep evolving, gaining knowledge and being able to apply and deliver it to all children, no matter their age and background. I consider my job very important and the bringing up of children as the most inspiring, responsible and rewarding occupation. I have participated in seminars regarding Special Education, Drama therapy for health issues, politics and Pedagogy. For the last twelve years I have worked with children, aged 5 months – 15 years of age. Competent in English Language, I have worked with children of foreign diplomats.