Brief info

My name is Elisabeth, a Montessori teacher with over 9 years’ experience in childcare and a true passion for children. As a Montessori teacher for me this is more than a philosophy, is now a lifestyle. The Montessori approach to education, inspires children towards a lifelong love of learning, by following their natural developmental trajectory. Children become confident, responsible, independent learners, who trust in their own abilities.

I have also studied holistic education which for me was a great experience. Now I apply it when I take care of children, as a teacher at school or babysitter, even in my day as a human being. From nursery work to teaching in primary Montessori schools and alternative education settings, as a babysitter at home and on holidays, I regard myself as a well rounded childcare professional who has worked with many different cultures in many countries and has deep knowledge and understanding of children’s development and well-being. When I work as a nanny, I love face painting, arts and crafts, play outdoors and creating fun activities,  yoga and meditation for little ones. I have looked after children from 3 months to over six years.

"Elisabet was patient, kind and nurturing toward the children in her care. She worked conscientiously and was always keen to provide support showing understanding of the children’s developmental needs. Elisabet did an excellent job of making sure the children always felt secure. Her language skills were also evident, and she was able to use her many languages to communicate with both international parents and children. She also established good relationships with parents and her communications were articulate and professional".