Brief info

Georgie is 24 years old from South Africa. She has completed a course in Early Childhood Development and has a Physiotherapy degree which has been followed by a year of internship at a hospital in Johannesburg. Georgie is from a family of four children and an extended family with fifteen cousins. She loves the innocence and simplicity of children and is always happy when she is around them.

Georgie has years of experience in working with children. She has lately worked for a family in Cape town for two years where she was in charge of looking after, playing and transporting the children on outings, which she planned stimulating activities as well as cooking dinner, bathing, feeding and putting them to sleep with a bedtime story. She formed a very close relationship with the kids and is still in contact with the families she worked for.

Georgie has been complimented for being, calm, reliable, responsible, empathetic, and organized, and for always creating a safe environment. She is creative and thoughtful in her approach to childcare and always aims to keep children stimulated while having fun at the same time. Georgie is an active person that loves sport, plays golf, tennis, paddle and is a runner. She loves hiking and bird watching and all outdoors especially when she is around children, family and friends.

“Georgina was an amazing addition to our family. She is incredibly organized, capable, diligent and trustworthy. From the first week that she worked with my children, I knew they were in good hands. Obviously for me as a parent I was looking for characteristics and my children were looking for completely different ones! She was caring and empathetic to my children, and they loved her. But she was also boundaries, which was excellent for them (and me), and they thrived when they were with her.

"Georgie is an amazing woman, who is the right balance between kind, engaging and gentle natured on the one hand, and diligent and responsible on the other. “