Brief info

Isabella is a 27 year old junior doctor who is aiming to become a paediatrician. She is experienced in first aid and has a qualification in Advanced Life Support. Isabella also has over ten years of childcare experience from infants to teenage years, including one year as a full time nanny to a 6 month and 2 year old. Her nanny experience included overnight care and being in charge of the children's extra-curricular activities. The children Isabella looked after went to a Montessori school and she tried to emulate this environment in the home setting. Isabella has experience with children with Special Needs and has looked after many non-verbal children with autism, and finds that she often bonds extremely well with children who need a little bit of a different approach.
Isabella has been skiing since she was 2 years old and has decided to take a quick break from medicine to focus on improving her skiing ability. She loves to spend time with children and so being a nanny is her ideal job. Isabella works extremely hard and will strive to create a fun, nurturing and safe environment for your children so that your holiday can be perfect and stress free!

“I have known Isabella for over 10 years and totally trust her with my three children. She makes everything fun with her sense of humour and warmth whilst maintaining boundaries and being firm when necessary. She ensures the children are polite, respectful and well mannered whilst engaging in activities, games and trips. Being a doctor helps her to ensure safety is paramount.”

“Bella is a fantastic person and nanny. She was very punctual and organised, and planned the children’s schedule and activities. She also engaged them in cooking and baking in the house. I really felt that she loved kids and loved her time with mine, and that was an excellent thing for us.”