Brief info

My name is Jesse. I am an Australian qualified school teacher holding a degree in Primary Education and a Certificate 3 in Fitness from Sydney. English is my native language. I am in the Alps as my passion is the outdoors, adventure and travel. I have extensive experience working with children in and outside of the classroom and have coached children’s sporting teams for the last 10+ years. I hold all necessary certificates to work with children, including first aid, CPR, anaphylaxis and many qualifications in coaching and child development. I am described by previous parents as kind, humorous, enthusiastic and caring. I enjoy finding ways to create positive experiences for children and pride myself in making the most out of a day.

“Jesse is a friendly and respectful person, who always works in a professional manner. All the students who have had the chance to spend time around him, have a great deal of fun, listen and are certainly never bored.”

"Jesse is a great team player and an excellent childcare provider from the youngest to the oldest child, and is always a pleasure to have around."