Brief info

Hello, I am Karen from Kent, England. I hold an MSc in Psychology and obtained my nursing certification in 2010. Additionally, I possess a Level 3 qualification in Health and Social Care for Children and Young People, and I have recently completed First Aid training. Over the years, I have developed strong communication skills through my extensive experience in multi-agency settings.

My work has exposed me to diverse environments, allowing me to adapt creatively to various situations. Central to my work is the goal of providing support, encouragement, and rebuilding self-confidence in individuals facing adversity. I am dedicated to helping them understand the world and equipping them with essential life skills.

I have dedicated approximately two decades to working with children and young people. After completing my undergraduate degree, I started working with children in care and later served as a pastoral head of year. Subsequently, I managed my own unit for challenging neurodiverse children and pursued a career in nursing. I also spent a year as a full-time nanny, caring for a young boy from one month to a year old. Although they moved abroad, we have remained in touch.

Throughout my journey, I have maintained a proactive approach to continuous learning, relishing each adventure. My love for the outdoors and the mountains reflects my adaptability and versatility in various situations. Being a hands-on nanny has always been a source of joy, as each day brings new experiences.

Most importantly, I am a mother myself, which has provided me with invaluable experience. Even though my child has grown up, the role of being a mother continues to evolve.

Karen holds a first aid certificate and her goal is to help parents and families to enjoy their time while having the peace of mind that their children are in safe hands and having a great time as well.

“Karen is a very open person with very good personable traits. She has always shown a warm and caring side to her and has always offered her fullest cooperation in any given situation. She has also been a very good communicator and is able to convey her thoughts and ideas to us very clearly and thoughtfully. When Karen was working with us, she displayed very good organisational skills and was always resourceful.”