Brief info

My name is Marcos, I am from Argentina but I have lived in France for four years. This will be my second year in the Alps. Being with children has always been my thing, even more so if it is related to sports. I have played sports all my life and at 20 I decided to teach and dedicate myself to pedagogy. I started with taekwondo, then with football, and I am always trying to involve myself in aspects that relate to caring for and being with children. I come from a family with three siblings and every Christmas we would get together with my paternal family (26 cousins), so playing and being around with many kids has always been something in my life.

Since I have been in France I have worked in schools, teaching football classes, taking care of children after school and I have explored many workways, to get to know the culture of France and share a little of mine with them. I am super open, and I stand out in patience; always being ready to have fun and being one with the children, obviously knowing the responsibility that comes with taking care of them. I am ready to spend another winter season around little ones in the wonderful alpine playground, aiming to create memories together. I love winter sports, snowboarding in my case, so I am also happy to offer my help with that.

“Marcos has been helping us with our 3 year old for almost 6 months. Our son loves their time together because Marcos always makes it a memorable one. Marcos earned our trust really quick. He’s very reliable, dependable, responsible and his superpower is his kindness.”