Brief info

My name is Tara and and I have 5 years’ experience working with children as an academic tutor and nanny with kids aged 3-12 years old. This included short-term positions as well as a 6-month part-time position caring for a 3-, 5- and 8-year-old. In these roles I was responsible for managing daily routines, school pickups, after school activities and food preparation. I also spent the past year as live-in staff at a boarding school in Australia where I worked in a team of 4 responsible for the pastoral and academic care of 90 students. Most importantly, I love spending time with kids and coming up with new and exciting activities to keep them entertained such as arts and crafts, cooking or playing in the snow! I am super excited to be working as a nanny this season and will work hard to create a nurturing and fun environment so that parents can relax and enjoy their holiday while also knowing their kids are being well taken care of!

“Tara is a reliable and experienced nanny who I know very well. We were colleagues at a school tutoring centre in Sydney, and in this role Tara was excellent. She always maintains her professionalism and arrives to work on time, completing her role to a high standard. Tara is very flexible and easy to get along with. She is always polite to other staff, students, and parents.”

“Tara’s been an exceptional individual to work with. Tara actively contributes to our team and is always willing to help her team members whilst ensuring top-quality work making her a reliable and approachable individual. Having worked directly with her, I can assure you that she's a professional and I trust her in handling anything assigned to her.”