Brief info

My name is Tessa and I am 24 years old. I am a qualified physical therapist and have experience with children from 2 years old up to 16 years. In my profession, I have worked with a number of special needs children as well as large groups of children. I am confident in myself that I would be helpful to all families while they are on holiday as I enjoy being active and keeping the children entertained through outdoor and indoor activities as well as educational play. I pride myself on being responsible, punctual as well as an understanding person. I have worked with various families where my responsibilities apart from home care included picking children up from school and taking them to their extracurricular activities, homework assistance, cooking and keeping them entertained.
I have a big passion for the outdoors and various sports and I can play many sports confidently.

My aim is to ensure that the parents feel that their children are in safe hands while making the best memories in resort.

“Tessa's patience, dependability, and genuine passion for enhancing the lives of children were evident throughout her tenure with my family… Her ability to strike a harmonious balance between playfulness and adherence to rules impressed me, and my children consistently spoke highly of her engaging and interactive approach.”

“During her time with us, Tessa demonstrated an unwavering commitment to ensuring my daughter’s well-being and growth. She not only looked after her with great attentiveness but also went the extra mile by actively assisting her with homework and ensuring that she was engaged in various extracurricular activities.”