Brief info

Zoë is a 23 year old from Cape Town, South Africa. During her three years studying at the University of Cape Town she worked part time as a nanny, au pair and tutor for children of all ages. This extended her experience working with children from a young age. Zoë comes from a young, close-knit, loving, and active family. Her athletic and creative nature makes it easy for her to entertain and interact with children of all ages, while also approaching childcare with kindness and calm temperament.

Zoë has worked formally with children ranging from infants to thirteen years old, which involved cooking meals, bathing, changing, playing and transporting and staying over in families’ homes; making her well versed in the responsibilities of child care. Along with childcare, Zoë has extensive work experience, reflecting her extraverted nature and ability to work well with others.

“Zoë is sporty and fun loving; her cheerful disposition and constant smile makes her a pleasure to be around. Her time with the children is punctuated by lots of laughter and 'action' and her activities when caring for the boys are always constructive and entertaining.”

“Zoë is a breath of fresh air, is kind and loving, with a great sense of humor… It has been great having someone to rely on like her. My kids adore her!”