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Ski holidays are about having fun on the mountains at any level. Merinannies will try their best to make your holiday easy for you so here are some useful tips.

Before arrival

Once your booking is confirmed with us, we will send you to complete a child information form. This will include routines, dietary requirements, ski school arrangements and anything else you class as important for your child’s holiday.
We also suggest a video call with your nanny for your child/children to familiarise themselves with her and you can ask any questions you may want.

What to bring
Essentials are indoor and outdoor shoes and or slippers, waterproof jackets for play outside, boots, warm hats, gloves, scarf, sunscreen, sunglasses (even for babies) or goggles and calpol, although there are other versions of this in resorts.
There are supermarkets to provide almost everything you will need and we can arrange shopping for you too.
Toys are normally kept in chalets and so are books and DVDs but we do advise you to bring your child’s favourites e.g., a comforter, book, beaker. We will provide arts and crafts. Before you go, please do check with your chalet manager to find out what facilities they have to accommodate children and babies, especially if you need highchairs, cots, buggies.
You must inform your chalet/hotel that you have hired a nanny. If you require the nanny to prepare lunches in your chalet, you should ask the chalet company if they will allow the use of the kitchen.


On the first day of childcare, your nanny will arrive approximately 20 minutes earlier to meet you and discuss extra requirements.
Your nanny will keep a record of your care needs, ski lessons and anything else important for your child. If your child takes any medication during the holiday, you will need to sign a form for the nanny to administer this. You must also tell the nanny where you will keep this as well as nappies, food, and anything else. Any other health and special needs you will discuss with your nanny directly.
You can keep in contact with your nanny via WhatsApp for updates and photos.

We will not accept to look after a child who is suffering from an infectious disease. However, this excludes normal colds and cough.

We try to encourage and promote positive behaviour and any unacceptable or dangerous behaviour will not be tolerated and will be discussed with you immediately.

While you are there

Activities and entertainment
With your permission, our nannies will take your children outdoors for walks, sledging, the playground, snowmen competitions, wooded areas for treasure hunt, hide and seek, snowball fights, gondola rides, and hot chocolates.
Our indoor activities include crafts and games, drawing, colouring, model making, singing, dancing and music making, baking, role play, treasure box, weather charts, letters and card writing to friends and relatives, storytime, relaxing with a DVD and more.
If you wish to enjoy a meal or go out for an apres ski drink we can provide evening entertainment too. We can take the children ice skating, bowling, swimming, a stroll in town etc or just play indoors. Most resorts offer these facilities but we can also advise you on this.

Lunch and snacks
These can be prepared following the parents instructions and with the regulations for the use of the chalet kitchen. For babies it is advisable to have bought your milk powder from your country of residence as some brands cannot be found in some resorts. Nappies can be bought at any ski resort so you do not need to bring these. You can however advise your nanny to buy these for you before you arrive.


What can a parent do to ensure it goes smoothly before they come out to resort?

Read some favourite snow books with your child before coming out so they know what to expect. Make it fun, show them pictures of snow and animals that live in the snow and tell them they will see their footprints. Santa will be there during Christmas and a chocolate Easter egg hunt later. Packing some favourite books and a couple of favourite toys or games and a comforter will work wonders. We recommend having a video call with your nanny before arrival so that the children know her face and feel comfortable when they meet her the first day.

How do we ensure the children have interaction with other kids if you’re operating privately?

You can discuss this with your nanny and she will make sure she takes them to places where they meet other children and play together.

How do we manage it when a child is unhappy about being left behind?

We always try to distract an unsettled child with favourite activities and games. Unless a child is unwell, they normally don’t take long to settle and enjoy their time with our nannies. Taking children out and making use of the resort’s child friendly areas and activities can guarantee a successful time away from the parents.

Dealing with dietary requirements?

We always ask this in advance by filling a child form before arrival. The chalet/hotel you will be staying caters for dietary requirements for children too and you need to ask in advance.

Can your nannies pick up and drop off children from ski school?

Yes, this is part of a nanny’s duties with prior arrangement. We need to know the exact place of pick up and drop off, name of ski school and instructor name and number. Nannies will bring children home on the bus unless you organise a lift with your chalet manager. Especially when the pick up involves more than two children, you need to make sure they can carry their skis but of course the nanny assists as much as possible.

Can the nanny assist with skiing lessons or winter sports for the children?

Our nannies will carry out nanny duties and are not ski instructors. However, they can be around when your child/ren have lessons in case they don’t like it so the nanny can encourage them or even take them away for a while. They can accompany them to other winter sports with your permission.

What is the process for communication between parents and the nanny during the day?

The nanny can use WhatsApp to send you messages and photos on how the children are getting on and enjoy their time. Usually this is done if you ask your nanny to do so as they do not want to bombard you with unnecessary messages while you are trying to relax and enjoy your time.

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